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We offer a variety of options for restaurateurs.
Whether single-origin rarities, Cup of Excellence coffees, or special roasts for mixed coffee beverages, you are sure to find what you are looking for with us. There is a small selection here on the website.

For espresso, capuchino and Co.we have an exciting mix of 70 Colombian Arabica and 30 Indian monsoon robusta created. Through the mixture and the gentle roasting process drum roasting, as well as with notes of chocolate and caramel, this coffee becomes a highlight for your guests.. 

Additional requirements and private label:

Do you have greater needs or would like to sell under your label? Talk to us and wwSelect your favorites from our large range of around 200 varieties.s.

Annual harvests exclusively for your company:

Another option is to purchase oneAnnual harvest from only one finca. This coffee is thenworldwide and exclusive just get in their business.


Our coffee experts and the roasting master are happy to provide you with personal advice.

Gift items / Christmas:

Our exciting gift items such as Coffee travel case with a retro look or Cup of Excellence coffees.

Coffee machines, portafilter and fully automatic machines:

Choose your perfect coffee machine from our range. Portafilter for the professional or fully automatic machine, easy to operate via the display and equipped with grinders that guarantee gentle preparation.

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