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The coffee for employees and guests.

Choose your favorite coffee from our range that will delight employees and guests. To get started, we recommend a selection of 4 coffees 250g. to order. So you can try together and make a choice.n.

Promotional gifts / presents / goodies and much more:

The ideal gift for every occasion for customers and employees. Presents and freebies that go through the stomach, decorated with your branding Gift vouchers and discount codes are always up to date.

Annual subscription:

You choose oneAnnual subscription. For this option, we offer you tailored solutions by arrangement.

Annual harvests exclusively for your company:

Another option is to purchase oneAnnual harvest from only one finca. This coffee is then exclusively for your company worldwide. We are happy to label the coffee bags with your company layout or logo.

Fully automatic coffee machines:

In addition to our coffees, we also offer coffees for your employees or office communitiesFully automatic coffee machines at. Easy to operate via displays and equipped with grinders that guarantee gentle preparation.

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  • Madre Tierra espresso blend
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